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How To Keep Birds Off Your Screen Enclosure

Birds on your pool screen/enclosure can be messy and expensive. Here are some things that may solve that problem.

How to Replace a Screen on Your Patio
You may need to replace a screen section on your patio when it is torn by pets, tree limbs and other mishaps. The following video will demonstrate how to replace a screen section on the side wall of your patio. We DO NOT recommend that you try to replace a screen that is part of the top of your pool enclosure (anything that is not vertical, is the top). Working on the top of a pool enclosure is very dangerous and should not be attempted unless you have knowledge and experience.

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How to Rescreen the Top of Your Pool Screen Enclosure, Avoid Sheeting
Sheeting Screen Enclosure Vs Attach Every Panel. Screen each section separately vs using one piece of screen between the major top beams. This video shows you the difference. Pros and cons. Make sure you know.
Different guys rescreen or repair the top or roof of your pool screen enclosure using different methods. Some ways of rescreening are better than others.

It is very dangerous to work on the top/roof of your pool enclosure. Most beams are only 2 inches wide and the guy needs to balance on the beams as he replaces the screen. Be sure to check to see if the guys who are working on the roof or top of your pool cage are insured. If they are not insured and they get injured you may be responsible.



How to Put in or Take out a Hot Tub from Your Screen Patio or Porch
Most hot tubs are to big to take in or out of your patio/porch screen door. You will need to take a piece of the patio frame and screening out before you can get the hot tub in or out.
After the move is complete then you will need to replace the frame and screening.
It can be an extra cost to put a Hot tub in or out of your patio, pool enclosure, lanai, or screen porch.
This video shows you how to do it yourself.

Most hot tubs require a licensed plumber to hook up a hot tub but if you purchased the tub new the store will usually have someone that can do this.

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How to Patch a Hole on Your Screen Enclosure

How to put a patch on your screen. Sometimes you don’t have the time or the money to repair or replace a screen. This video gives you a simple way to patch the hole in the screen yourself. This will work if it is on a pool, patio, screen room or lanai screen enclosure.

It will also work on a window screen. The patch will usually stay on the screen for a long time if the patching is done with everything dry.

You can also use spray glue (get from the hobby store). You could buy a roll of sticky screen but that does not stay on the screen as long (order this online).

The patch will look rather ugly and tacky but it will keep the bugs out.

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