Sliding Glass Door Screen Repair

Posted by JR on March 11, 2015
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Call John at 561-798-3132 in Wellington, Florida for screen repair.

Sometimes your pet or child will accidently run through the sliding screen door and you need to repair it. The door usually has rollers on the top side or the bottom side of the slider door. The rollers make the door much easier to slide. Some slider screen doors do not have rollers.

There are several solutions to getting your screen slider door repaired. You can repair the door yourself (attached is a video). ( ) You can take it to a screen repair shop in your area. In some areas the local Ace Hardware store will repair the slider screen for you if you take it to them. Ace Hardware will also repair and/or build new window screens, in many areas.

If someone gives you a price for repair on the phone, the price does not generally include the repair or replacement of the rollers. There are over 60 types (manufactures) of rollers for screen sliders, so all types are not easily available. There are a few generic type of rollers that will fit more than one make/manufacture of slider. This video will show you how to work on a roller.

When you have someone come to your house to repair something, it will cost more than if you take it to a shop to get it repaired.
If you cannot repair the slider yourself or take it out to be repaired then you can call John at 561-798-3132 if you live in the Wellington Fl area.

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